Monday, September 11, 2006

We all know what happened on September 11th. I don’t think there is an American alive that cannot tell you where they were, who they were with and what they were doing the day the towers were hit. And while its has affected every American to one extent or another if you are reading this, then you survived. My blog today is to honor someone who sadly, did not.

Vincent D'Amadeo from East Patchouge was the first vice president of operations for Cantor Fitzgerald.

Vincent, known as Vinny to his friends and family, was born on November 25,1964. He was a husband, father to four boys. Michael, 5, Frankie, 7, Vincent, 9 and Jerry, 10. He was a great Yankees fan, and never missed a game if he could avoid it. He was full of life, and full of fun.

He was full of life, and full of fun. There were many a touch football game in the office after hours that he started. He was a jokester, and a prankster and always knew how to make someone laugh or smile.

There isn't a lot written about Vincent but what is shows what a wonderful man he was. A devoted father who took his sons to ball games, and scouting events.

Though the years have gone by and there is hope in healing, there is still an empy place in the hearts and lives of loved ones.....

Hi Vinny, We are approaching the five year anniversary of the most dreadful day of our lives. We are told that healing takes time, but I know that we will never heal. What happened to you is something we can NEVER heal from. It ruined our lives, what happened to you. I guess if it is true and you can see us from heaven, then you see what is happening with us and it is not good. I miss you with all my heart, I cry for you as I write this... everything is still a bad dream that I am waiting to wake up from.
Your sister Helene

~ ~ A Prayer ~ ~
I said a prayer for you today,
I prayed that you would know,
That God can see what's in you heart,
Where sorrows ebb and flow.
I said a prayer for you today,
I prayed that you could see,
That God will stay close by your side,
Through what was meant to be.
I said a prayer for you today,
I prayed that you would feel,
His comfort and his lasting peace,
Whilst time ticks on to heal.
I said a prayer for you today,
I prayed with all my heart,
That you would know he'll hold you up,
When your life falls apart.

In Honor of Vincent D'Amadeo
An American Hero.
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